College of Humanities & Fine Arts at
The University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Milltown is currently producing a series of alumni profiles for The College of Humanities and Fine Arts at The University of Massachusetts Amherst. Series is coproduced, directed, and edited by Zach MacDonald.

Charlie Sennot,
Founder The Ground Truth Project, Global Post

As the former Middle East bureau chief for The Boston Globe, Charlie covered breaking news in Iraq, and Afghanistan through both US wars. Since returning to his native Boston he founded Global Post, a global network of investigative freelance journalists, and The Ground Truth Project which  seeks to build the capacity for freedom of expression in developing countries around the world by helping to train a new generation of correspondents who can work together across different media platforms and cultural backgrounds.

Massachusetts Congressional District Rep. Keith Barnacle

Keith is the 2nd District Representative for Congressman Jim McGovern. Keith is also an alum of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts at UMass Amherst. 

Marsha Kazarosian, Esq.

Trailblazer. Head of The Massachusetts Bar Association. Super lawyer extraordinaire. First attorney to have a case televised nationally. Clearly a headline maker. Class of '78 produced something serious here. 

David Kaplan

Maverick. Original basement start-up'er. Market master forecaster. David started one of the most successful private wealth management firms in the country. For a guy who majored in Comparative Literature and Philosophy he sure has a lot of screens. You should see the view.