We assemble the best team to suit the needs of our clients. Whether the story is one that can be crafted by one set of hands, or ten, we have a wide network of talented creatives ready to bring your project to the screen.   

Zach MacDonald
Producer, Director, Editor
Zach produces, directs, edits, and runs the day-to-day operations at Milltown. He is the chief creative collaborator on Milltown's commercial projects. Zach's creative beginnings started on the sets of commercials and televisions shows, and were brought to life in the editing rooms of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Zach learned the ins and outs of production while working his way up the ladder in some of the biggest production co.'s in NYC. He has worked on numerous commercials, music videos, films, and tv shows for Nike, HBO, American Express, and many others. 
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Jesse Kerman
Motion Graphics, Post Production

Jesse began his forays into filmmaking before the digital revolution, editing his own 16mm films as a teenager in rural New Hampshire. Now a sought-after editor and motion graphics artist, he specializes in translating formidable concepts into delightful and compelling media for a wide audience. When he's not thriving on your creative challenges, Jesse is charming his wife and two cats in Holyoke, Mass.
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Thomas Friedmann
Creative Strategist, Editor
Milltown co-founder 
A budding director, editor, and actor with visions, and acetone urges.  Tom has set his sights on creating interesting things before he is born unto the great beyond--specifically short film, installation, and audio storytelling.