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Milltown Productions is a pint-sized, award-wining
video production company
based in northampton, Massachusetts.
 we work anywhere and everywhere. 

We operate as a creative collaborative.
Video production
Motion graphics
We do it all.

check out some of our work below.



IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW MORE about our work, or want to talk about yours,
GIVE us A CALL @ (413) 200-8349 or  SEND US AN EMAIL.
WE LOOK FORWARD TO hearing from YOU! 


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Chief Collaborator

Producer, Editor, Director, DP
Zach produces, directs, edits, and runs the day-to-day operations at Milltown. He is the chief creative collaborator on all of Milltown's commercial, film, documentary. and music videos projects. Zach's creative beginnings started on the sets of commercials and televisions shows, and were brought to life in the editing rooms of the 5 boroughs of New York City. Zach learned the ins and outs of production while working his way up the ladder in some of the biggest production co.'s in NYC. He has worked on numerous commercials, music videos, films, and tv shows for Nike, HBO, American Express, and many others. Check out the IMBD link for more info. 
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When projects call for it, we expand our team. Production teams, motion graphics, your project calls fot it, we have the crew connections.  
423 Motion
BIt Films
CS Fossett
Landry Communications
Mountain Emult

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